Saturday, April 24, 1999
Meeting Agenda
8:30 A.M. Public Comments, Reports
9:00 A.M. Public Hearings or as
Soon thereafter as matters
May be heard

Analysis of Contingent Accounts

  1. Public Comment
  2. County Board Reports
  3. Appointments
  4. Regional Reports
  5. County Manager Report

    Public Hearing Items Begin No Earlier than 9:00 A.M.

  6. Authorization for an Application for a Survey Grant under the Virginia Department of Historic Resources' Cost Share Program.

    C.M. Recommendation: Approve as recommended in the staff report.

  7. Approval of Award of a Contract for Preliminary Engineering, Final Design, and Construction Management Services for Little Pimmit Run Flood Control Project.

    C.M. Recommendation: Approve the award of a contract to provide preliminary engineering, final design, and construction management services for the Little Pimmit Run Flood Control Project, approve an allocation of funds as a contingency and authorize the Purchasing Agent to execute the contract documents subject to the review by the County Attorney.

  8. Approval of a joint public hearing for Alexandria and Arlington to be held by the Alexandria IDA.

C.M. Recommendation: Authorize the City of Alexandria IDA to hold a public hearing on behalf of both Alexandria and Arlington for bonds to be funded by the Alexandria IDA on behalf of the Goodwill Industries.

  1. Approve Grant Funding for Fraud Investigation.

    C.M. Recommendation: Approve as recommended in the staff report.

  2. Approve Grant Renewal - Department of Criminal Justice Services Victim/Witness Grant Reapplication.

    C.M. Recommendation: Ratify the County Manager application to the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services for funds in competitive grant funds under the Victim/Witness Assistance Grant Program.

  3. Authorization of Amendment to the Design Services Contract for Lee Center Renovation.

C.M. Recommendation: Approve as recommended in the staff report.

12. Minutes

13. Additional Items

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